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Exploring New Ideas

This website exists to promote my patented (Australia) invention of a "Method of Condensing Language which is found by searching . In the search box type 2020104446 and click in the Blue SEARCH box.

There's the "Dialogue" section followed by my Graphs.  Scrolling to the Graph section first is best as the captions are mostly self-explanatory.

This system is tailored specifically for the K.J.V.  It is not a translation, but certainly elements of it could be applied equally as well in the secular sphere.


John Wilko

School LIbrary

Hybrid Letter Word


This Hybrid letter word (capitalized) stands for the word "Godhead" which occurs only 3 times and only in the N.T. in the King James Bible (K.J.V.), (one of these verses is Colossians 2:9).  This is the "Ornate" example!  There are also the "One Liners".

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